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Recovery Advocacy Makes History

Recovery advocacy is making history. This statement has been true since the inception of Faces and Voices of Recovery. History is a teaching process. Today, The recovery community is unifying around key priorities — to gain needed resources and to end discrimination against people in recovery.

Among Many Pathways by Brooke M. Feldman

For me, my recovery pathway is littered with an array of strategies and tools pulled from a variety of resources. It is a mosaic that has included psychotherapy, mentorship, reading, online support, sponsorship, spirituality, self-help seminars, volunteerism, relationships with other people in recovery, exercise, relationships with people outside of recovery, time spent in nature and past mutual aid involvement. It is eclectic and ever-evolving, and it has allowed me a life of freedom and without limitations.

Young & Old - Making History

In 2001, at Faces and Voices of Recovery’s founding, our keynote speaker was William White- the iconic recovery movement mentor and guide. He charged us with the mission to go and make some history. We did then and continue today.

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