Recovery Stories

Recovery is everywhere. Whether you're a person in recovery or a family member, share your story to demonstrate that recovery works for over 23 million Americans and offer hope to people who are still struggling, their families and communities. Speak out about the solution – recovery. Share your story here. Then ask your friends to do the same. Our Stories Have Power.

“I am a person in long term recovery and what that means to me is that I have not found it necessary to use any mild altering substances in 4 years.”

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“After many years of living a life of turmoil and chaos I decided to turn my will and my life over to the care of God, learned to let go and let God and know that I am not in control.”

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“Hello, my name is Angela Gilgallon and I have been in recovery since October 2007; which means I have not had a drink or used drugs in over 8 years.”

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“My recovery and return to a life of sobriety began the day I was arrested: April 28, 1989.”

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“My name is Casey Mullen and I am in long term recovery which means for me that I have not used a drug or alcohol in over 20 years.”

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