Recovery Stories

Recovery is everywhere. Whether you're a person in recovery or a family member, share your story to demonstrate that recovery works for over 23 million Americans and offer hope to people who are still struggling, their families and communities. Speak out about the solution – recovery. Share your story here. Then ask your friends to do the same. Our Stories Have Power.

“Alcohol drowned (most of) my feelings of shame and loneliness: I didn't care what people thought and I wasn't alone because I was in a bar.”

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“I was molested sexually at 13. From there I found alcohol and drugs, anything to hide the pain of my suffering. At 45 it just came out one day and my family was shocked.”

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“I was born to two addict/alcoholics. I started using at the age of 12.”

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“My name is Trevor and I am a person in long term recovery. To me this means that I haven't had to put a drink, or drug in my body since January 5th, 2013.”

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“I am a person in long term recovery and what that means to me is that I have not found it necessary to use any mild altering substances in 4 years.”

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