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Profiles in Recovery: Holly Cekala

Multiple pathways of recovery is not a slogan to HOPE for New Hampshire’s Director of Recovery Supports, Holly Cekala. It’s a way of life.

How to Face Life’s Challenges When in Recovery

Abstinence based Recovery isn’t something you just mark off a list with a big check mark— it’s a state of mind. It is with you all the time, which can be a blessing in disguise, because when you engage with the world while in recovery, you can do so with more awareness than you had before.

How to Embrace Your Recovery with Others

Just because you practice abstinence based recovery doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an active social life. In fact, you’ll be in good company, because 33 percent of the population does not drink, and 91 percent does not use drugs. Call it a new trend or just heightened awareness, but the movement toward abstinence is quickly gaining strength.

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