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The Top Five Ways to Sabotage Your Loved One’s Recovery

And from one family member to another, take care of yourself and be patient with your struggles. Most of all, believe in recovery. It’s real.

Stand up, stand out, speak out, and be proud about it

I coined a phrase - providing reasons and resources to reduce recidivism. Finding a path to long-term recovery, for others and myself, has provided huge recovery dividends. I saw so much evidence that recovery healed families; it made a profound and lasting impression. I found myself to be a sort of “recovery ambassador. “

Words of Blame, Words of Shame

I hate the words.  Enable.  Enabler.  Enabling.

“He wouldn’t be in so much trouble if his parents didn’t enable him.”

“She’s an enabler.”  

“I feel sorry for that family – they’re constantly enabling her.”

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