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The Use of Technology In Advancing Recovery Efforts

Most of us have become familiar with the concept of modern technology as a “double-edged sword”. Although we find many wonderful benefits in possessing a smart phone, tablet, computers of various forms, or gaming devices, we also have come to recognize there are drawbacks, limitations, and even concerns of various forms of “addiction” lurking in the shadows for those who may find themselves “over-indulging”.

“Do We Need the Abuse?”

‘Substance abuse’ is a term that stigmatizes us and influences both the perception of us and the policies and laws that adversely affect us. Nine years ago, William White wrote that ‘abuse’ must be abandoned - it is overdue. Here is why and some suggestions on how.

Faces & Voices Hires New Executive Director

It is with great pleasure that Faces & Voices of Recovery announces the hiring of Patty McCarthy Metcalf as our new Executive Director.

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